The book of the year 2018 has just closed on a note of a new beginning,a fresh new start,a  brand new book 2019 with blank pages to fill in.

If travelling is your passion and want to enhance your travel experiences, you might consider checking out our list of “5 travel resolutions”, that would make your travel more exciting and fun.

1. Explore your city.

It is not wrong to say that people residing in a city with the bustling traffic and commotion, travelling may restrain just to office and back home, anyone would love to take a break from the citylife under such conditions, provided a chance.

It is obvious to feel prejudice about the city that there is nothing more to see, but we could be wrong, to say that we have explored the entire city. The city could be changing as you read this.

Try to traverse around the surrounding streets, a famous landmark, new eatery, memorial, a religious sculpture or an architectural monument which can be an old vintage house to a newly built skyscrapers,also a short drive to the countryside might show you the contrasts your city has.

2.Visit a place you have already visited.

Visit a place again!  Who would want to experience the same place again and again, but perhaps the last trip was incomplete or unexplored, or you want to experience the place in a different season or find an alternative route to reach the same place. However you are already familiar with it, so the initial time to explore is cut-short and can be used to scout the place differently with a different perspective.

3. Try an adventure sport that you are fearful of.

There is no satisfying feeling than conquering your fears. Why don’t this year ,be a year where you overcome them. From treks to mountains through wild forests, to the crazy rafting in rapid rivers, a carefree jump from the sky, to a deep dive in the ocean  anything that stimulates adrenaline and fills up the carve for excitement.

4. Don’t just see a local culture, experience it.

Traditions and Cultures brigade the gap between people, imagine how good would you feel when you not only eat a local dish but try to cook one,and not just picturise the local people but, also learn their language,their clothing,your efforts to blend in the local culture will definitely be appreciated, you may even end up making some new  friends and memories to cherish later.

5. Leave the place in a better way than you found.

It could be as simple as picking up plastics or any trash found on your way to the top of a mountain or on the shore of the sea, this would show how responsible and caring you are towards the serenity of nature. You can even participate in the clean drives that are held by many organisations, youth these days are doing a phenomenal work by carrying out such initiatives. Let’s all join hands and support for the protection of our environment and be a part of something good.

by Mohammed Shahid & Zeshan (Member-Backpackers United )