Sakleshpur, a hidden gem nestled in the Western Ghats of Karnataka, India. Known for its lush greenery, coffee plantations, and pristine landscapes, Sakleshpur offers a serene escape for nature enthusiasts and a haven for those seeking respite from the bustling city life. The region is a paradise for trekkers, with numerous trails leading through dense forests and hills, revealing breathtaking vistas and serene waterfalls like Manjarabad Fort, Bisle Ghat, and Jenukal Gudda. Sakleshpur's coffee estates and spice plantations provide a perfect setting for leisurely walks, birdwatching, and exploring the flavors of the region. The town's cultural heritage, exemplified by its temples, shrines, and historical sites, adds a layer of charm to this idyllic destination. Our website is your comprehensive guide to planning your Sakleshpur retreat, offering insights into the best places to visit, accommodation options, and tips for experiencing the town's unique culture and cuisine. Whether you're a nature lover seeking a peaceful getaway, an adventure enthusiast eager to explore the outdoors, or a culture aficionado yearning for a taste of local life, Sakleshpur promises an unforgettable journey where every moment reveals the beauty and tranquility of this Western Ghats gem. Start planning your visit to this serene destination, and let the peaceful allure of Sakleshpur captivate your heart and soul.

Getaway to Sakleshpur

Sakleshpur Weekend Getaway: Majestic star shaped View of Manjarabad Fort Amidst Greenery

Sakleshpur Weekend Getaway

Sakleshpur is a hill station in Hassan district of Karnataka. Situated at an altitude of 3061 feet, Sakleshpur is one of the best hill stations near Bangalore and among the best places to experience Karnataka Tourism.

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