Bandaje Falls Trek: Bangalore to Western Ghats Adventure

Bandaje Falls Trek, Chikmagalur

2 Days / 1 Night


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Bandaje Falls Trek From bangalore

Just a few hours from the hustle of Bangalore lies the Bandaje Falls Trek, nestled in the Western Ghats. This trek takes you past breathtaking waterfalls and through the remains of ancient forts, offering a peaceful retreat into the nature. It’s one of the best waterfall treks, which combines the thrill of exploration with the calm and silence of the forest outdoors.

The best months to visit Bandaje Falls are from July to March. During the monsoon, the waterfalls come alive, and the greenery around is lush, making the scenery look amazing from the top. Post-monsoon, the air turns crisp and clear, providing the perfect conditions for trekking and soaking in the views.

At the peak of the trek awaits the Ballalarayana Durga Fort, built in the 17th century. Though it now stands in ruins, the fort did offer a glimpse into the past and the views of the landscape. If you’re drawn to places where nature meets history, the Bandaje Falls Trek is the perfect place to be. Reach out to us to book your trek and start your journey into the heart of Karnataka’s wilderness.


Prepare for an adventure that takes you from Bangalore's streets to Karnataka's untouched wilderness. Our Bandaje Falls Trek guide leads you through the Western Ghats' splendor, revealing secret waterfalls and ancient paths. Starting from Bangalore late in the night and ending with stories to tell, each moment offers a deep dive into nature and the whispers of history. Experience the thrill of trekking through forests to Bandaje Falls, with memories that outlast the journey. Ready for an adventure that combines natural beauty with a dash of history? Let's begin.

Day 0 : Departure from Bangalore to Bandaje Falls Trek

Day 1 : Trek to Bandaje Falls - Altitude: 4,895 ft | Distance: 19 km

Day 2 : Return back home with Sightseeing along the way



15 Mar, 2024 (Friday)

3999 /- Per Person

29 Mar, 2024 (Friday)

3999 /- Per Person

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Join us on the Bandaje Falls Trek for a journey filled with amazing views, new friends, and fun stories. This isn't just a regular walk. It’s a chance to see beautiful waterfalls, learn about the outdoors, and have a great time. Perfect for anyone who loves nature and wants to see Bandaje Falls up close.


Choose from a cozy homestay or share a tent with a buddy. Our trek leaders will help you settle in based on what's available.

Discover Bandaje Trek with Backpackers United

Coming with us for the Bandaje Trek means you’re in for something special. It’s not just about walking. It’s about making memories, sharing laughs, and being part of a group that feels like family. We make sure everyone feels welcome and included. Our local guides know all the best spots and stories to make your trip even better. We care about keeping you safe and looking after the places we visit.

Comfortable and hygienic transportation
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Day 1, plus breakfast on Day 2. Feast mode on!
Forest permit and a local guide who's like the encyclopedia of Bandaje.
Drivers and trek leads who navigate better than a Bangalorean avoiding potholes.
Sightseeing as per itinerary: Like a Bangalore weekend drive, but with actual nature.
Accommodation: Tents or dorms, your cozy corner in the wild.
Entry charges to sightseeing locations
Additional adventure or water activities
Lunch and Dinner on Day 2 will not be covered, that's on you
Personal expenses: Souvenirs? Snacks? That’s your wallet’s adventure
If we didn't say it's included, it's not. Period.
ID Proof: Like showing your ID at a pub, but for nature
Backpack: Trek-friendly, ditch the laptop
Trekking Shoes: Flip Flops won't cut it on these trails
Clothes: Layered, and definitely pack extra socks
Rain Gear: Poncho or raincoat, can never predict the rain, right?
Toiletries: Keep it basic here, trees won't judge!
Snacks: Juice packs & energy bars, for when you 'Take a Break'
Medication: Your personal health crew in a box
Power Bank: Don't let your phone die before your Instagram stories do

The ideal time to visit Bandaje Falls is from July to March, during the monsoon and post-monsoon seasons, when the waterfalls are at their fullest and the landscape is lush and green.

The Bandaje Falls Trek is considered moderate in difficulty. It’s suitable for both beginners with good physical fitness and experienced trekkers, thanks to its gradual ascents and descents.We have certified trek leads (Male/Female) accompanying the participants at all times and our stay follows well-rounded safety measures.

Essentials include a government ID, trek-friendly backpack, trekking shoes, layered clothing, extra socks, rain gear, basic toiletries, snacks like juice packs and energy bars, personal medication, and a power bank.

Yes, there are entry charges for accessing certain areas within the trek route, including forest permits. These fees contribute to the conservation of the area and are usually covered in the trek package.