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Ettina Bhuja Trek from Bangalore

The Ettina Bhuja trek is a part of the beautiful Charmadi Ghat, in the Western Ghats, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the 36 Biodiversity Hotspots in the world. It is situated at a distance of 250 kms from Bengaluru and this region is well-known for the outstanding scenery it unfolds and is one among the many unexplored trekking trails in Karnataka. The Ettina Bhuja trek is worthy enough to be considered as Karnataka’s hidden gem and is something that every trekker should include in their bucket list.

Ettina Bhuja is approximately 25 km from the Mudigere range of Chikmagalur district. The altitude of the Ettina Bhuja peak is about 1300 metres which comes to about 4265 ft. The locals in this region also call “Ettina Bhuja” by the name “Shishila Gudda" for the promising splendid views of the Charmadi and the Shishila valley. Ettina Bhuja is surrounded by many other hills namely, Deepada Kallu, Amedikallu, Ombattu Gudda and Jenukallu Gudda.

The post-monsoon season is considered to be the best time to go on with the trek. During this season, the Ettina Bhuja weather conditions will be desirable which enables the trekkers to enjoy the greenery around, enhancing their overall trek experience. The travellers can actually take up two different trekking route options here. The first route starts from the Shishila village. This is in fact a challenging route and a guide is a must, in case one decides to take up this difficult terrain. The second route begins at Sri Nanya Bhairaveshwara temple in Byrapura village. This route offers a slightly easier trekking experience. However, if one is planning to take up the Shishila village route as the starting point of the Ettina Bhuja Trek, then it is highly advisable to wait till the end of October, so that the intensity of the current of Kapila river subsides by then.

The Ettina Bhuja trek distance is around 5 kms and typically takes about a maximum time of 3 hours to complete. The ideal time window to go on with the trekking lies anywhere between 7.00AM in the morning and it's better to wind up before 5.00PM so that there’ll be ample time for rest at the end of the day. For a non-professional trekker, the Ettina Bhuja trek is a perfect opportunity to begin with. The breathtaking scenery and the panoramic views of the Charmadi and Shishila valleys makes Ettina Bhuja an ideal destination for family vacations as well.

The multiple points of interest of Ettina Bhuja trek are, along the trek, hikers will encounter different sections of trekking which includes the starting point, i.e., the Nanya Bhairaveshwara temple, Byrapura, the forest section and the viewpoint section. The amazing beauty of the surrounding region, stunning flowers and grasslands make an excellent addition to this trek.The Ettina Bhuja peak is accessible within 5 mins of walking from the temple. The hikers are taken through the forest, making the trek very slippery and muddy. The initial trail is quite easy to traverse, but as the forest section ends, and the second view point emerges, it becomes slightly steeper to make it up to the peak. However, reaching the peak is truly rewarding, as the views are spectacular and it feels so great to watch the sunrise and sunset across the mountain. Bamboo and cane plantations can be witnessed all along the way, and if lucky enough, the hikers will get a chance to spot some Sambar Deer species along the way. The calm and tranquil environment of Ettina Bhuja provides a habitat for various bird species, including the Indian Black Bird and the Malabar Whistling Thrush.

Another exciting fact for readers is that Ettina Bhuja has served as a backdrop for a long sequence in kannada film Love Mocktail 2. Also, according to the ancient tales passed down through generations, it is believed that the Pandavas, from the Indian epic Mahabharata sought refuge here during the years of their exile.

In conclusion, the Ettina Bhuja location is a wonderful manifestation of Karnataka’s natural beauty which satisfies both an adventure seeker with a challenging trekking experience as well as a nature lover by offering a peaceful escape into nature. So, gather all that you need, as it’s the time to set out on a fantastic trekking journey!


The following detailed itinerary provides a day-by-day breakdown of your exciting Ettina Bhuja Trek from Bangalore. From your late-evening departure, to the moment you arrive back home, we've outlined your activities and experiences to make the most of your trip. Let's dive into the specifics.

Day 0 : Departure from Bangalore

Day 1 : Homestay near Ettina Bhuja | Sightseeing Day

Day 2 : Ettina Bhuja Trek Distance: 5 km | Altitude : 4,300ft



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Setting out on to the journey of Ettina Bhuja trek, adventurers can expect an exciting journey through the untouched and lesser-explored natural beauty of the Western Ghats, Karnataka. The trek offers breathtaking views of the Charmadi and Shishila valleys along with encounters with diverse wildlife culture. Navigating through challenging terrains that include slippery paths and steep climbs, adds furthermore thrill and excitement to the adventure. The trek's difficulty level being easy makes it suitable for both beginners and experienced trekkers. On reaching the Ettina Bhuja peak, travelers are rewarded with lot of fresh air and panoramic views, making the journey truly unforgettable.


We will stay at a homestay near Ettina Bhuja

Backpackers United Team

Backpackers experts will accompany the entire trip, and local backpackers will join us along the way.

Transportation to and from Bangalore to Ettina Bhuja (non A/C)
Comfortable and hygienic vehicle
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Dinner on Day 2
Personal expenses
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Your trekking insurance
A soft copy of your Adhar/any other government ID proof
Extra layered clothing and socks
Basic Toiletry kit
Re-usable water bottle, you can also keep electrolytes and chocolates
Nice trekking and waterproof shoes along with a backpack
Snacks: Juice packs, energy bars
Medication: Personal
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Backpackers United Team prioritise safety and security at all times. Hence, it is absolutely safe for female travellers to join the trek as we also have a local Ettina Bhuja lead accompanying us.

The trek difficulty level actually ranges from easy to moderate. Although its not a difficult trek, reaching the Ettina Bhuja peak requires some good amount of stamina.