Photographer's Paradise: Sunrise Above Clouds in Skandagiri Trek

Skandagiri Trek

Trek TypeSunrise Trek
Activity LevelEasy
Sunrise Trek

Skandagiri trek: A short climb near Bangalore

Just a short drive from the landscape of Bangalore lies your next adventure at Skandagiri. This sunrise trek from Bangalore lies atop 1,450m and offers a refreshing escape with a rewarding climb. Skandagiri is not only a natural retreat but also a historical site, where the remains of an 18th century fort stand as a silent sentinel to the region's past stories. 

Easy Access: A mere 60 km from Bangalore, Skandagiri is an ideal destionation for a one day trip from Bangalore or even a spontaneous weekend adventure.

A Trek for Everyone: The trek to Skandagiri's peak is beginner friendly, offering both gentle inclines for beginners and steeper sections for those seeking a bit more challenge.

To make the most of your trek, aim for the cooler months between October and January. During this period, the skies are usually clear, providing the best conditions for stunning sunrise views and comfortable trekking weather.

Ready to embark on a trek that promises beauty, history, and an exhilarating climb? The Skandagiri trek is waiting for you. Reserve your spot and experience one of the most picturesque and historically rich treks near Bangalore.


Start your adventure from Bangalore and dive into the beauty and excitement of the Skandagiri trek. We've laid out every step of your trip, from when you leave the city at night to when you come back home with stories to tell. Here's a closer look at what you'll experience.

Day 1 :  Bangalore to Skandagiri Hills - The Story Begins



26 Apr, 2024 (Friday)

1499 /- Per Person

27 Apr, 2024 (Saturday)

1499 /- Per Person

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Join the Skandagiri Trek to watch a beautiful sunrise above the clouds, make lots of friends from the group, and hear interesting stories about each of them. This trek is more than just a walk; it’s about enjoying great views, learning about nature, and having fun in doing so. Perfect for anyone who loves being outside and wants to experience the magic of Skandagiri up close.

Discover the difference with Backpackers United on the Skandagiri Trek

Joining our team for the trek means more than just a walk; it's about creating stories, sharing moments, and making lasting memories. We pride ourselves on offering a personal touch, ensuring each trekker feels part of our adventure family, with local guides who provide insights beyond the trail and a strong commitment to safety and community impact. With us, your journey to Skandagiri Hills, Karnataka, at sunrise becomes an extraordinary experience, carefully crafted with passion and attention to every detail. Let's make your next adventure with Backpackers United unforgettable.

Comfortable and Hygienic Transportation: Ensuring a pleasant journey to and from Skandagiri.
Breakfast Coupon: Receive a 100 INR coupon for a delicious start to your day at a local eatery.
Forest Permit and Local Guide
Experienced Driver and Trek Lead:  Professional guidance and safe travel throughout your adventure.
Personal Expenses: Craving a post trek filter coffee? That's on you. Not everybody accepts payments in trek stories.. yet!
Anything not mentioned in 'What's Included?' section. Silk Board Traffic, patience before the start of the trek, and so on.
ID Proof: Keep a soft-copy of your Aadhar or any government ID handy. Digital is the way to go!
Toiletries: Just the essentials. Remember, trees don’t judge.
Medication: Personal Health Kit
Power Bank: Stay charged. You’ll want your phone alive to capture the clouds and selfies with the group..
Backpack: Trek-friendly. Pack light, trek right.
Rain Gear: Poncho/Raincoat. It's Bangalore Weather, you've got to be prepared right?
Snacks: Juice packs, energy bars, snack away through to the top.
Carry torch lights, we're starting at 3:30 AM.

You can directly reserve your slots by booking on the website, please ensure proper dates are selected before confirming your booking.

Safety and Security Guidelines are followed at all times, and it is our topmost priority. We have certified trek leads (Male/Female) accompanying the participants at all times and our stay follows well-rounded safety measures.

We have multiple payment options on the website that you can refer to.

Skandagiri peak is located in the Chikkaballapur district of the Indian state of Karnataka, approximately 70 kilometers from Bangalore.